Website Workshop – Host and domain guide


Only by meeting the requirements, can you work during the Workshop.

On this page, you'll find all the information's to meet the requirements.

The requirements are:

  1. Domain and Host
    If you don't have one yet, please follow the guide below "How to get a Domain and Host" to purchase them in a package from UnoEuro.
    If you already have both of them, make sure you can install the content management system as requirement 2* requests. 
  2. *Only required for everybody else who DOES NOT HAVE Domain and Host from UnoEuro
    Please watch carefully the video >> Website Workshop Requirements Setup << you can find to your right and make sure to install the Content
    Management System (≠
    If you have Installation issues, please get in touch with me before the Workshop.
    UnoEuro users will install the Custom Management Service during the Workshop. Setup

This tutorial video shows how to install and setup (not on your server. This is very important for the Workshop!

How to get a Domain and Host

1.0. Short introduction to Host and Domain

Host and Domain are the two main ingredients of a website.

The Host is where you will store all images, texts, videos and all other kinds of files. In other words, you can imagine a Host as a USB, but with the small difference that this "special" USB is connected to the internet 24h/7days a week and accessible from all around the world. Moreover, can only you change/delete/add files or create Folders with restricted access on this USB. Setting up a Host is very difficult, that's why you'll be (as 90% of all website owners) renting a Host from a company.

The Domain is another word for your website's address. For example "" or "" are Domains. The Domain tells the whole world where people can find the Host that you've rented.

One thing to keep in mind before renting these two is to make some research if the wished Domain is not owned by somebody else.

You can check for Domains here: Domain Check

If your Domain is already taken, try to use different Domain endings as instead of "" try "" - it is suggested to use .com and .dk endings, but not required.
Moreover, can you use your desired name in combination to its category or location. For example: "nø" or ""
Try to be creative where your Domain still makes sense (I would not recommend something like "")!

1.1. Buying a Host and Domain

I would recommend renting a web space (called in Danish web hotel - a synonym of Host) at They are a company located here in Denmark, cheap, very reliable and I use their service for this website too.
(If you use this discount link, you get 3 extra months for free )

Product overview of

There are alternatives to unoEuro, but I've been using many different Host's and unoEuro is among the best ones with some of the lowest prices.
If you already own a Host somewhere else, please contact me before the workshop, so I can have a look at it if it has the required technology. ( )

Step-by-step purchase guide (to make sure you got everything needed)

Click when you're done on Preceed to payment, and you should receive a confirmation e-mail with your account details from UnoEuro.

That's it, now you're ready!

Upcoming Dates:

Next workshop is the 6th and 8th March from 16.00 - 20.00 at the Hovedbibliotek, 3rd floor.

Link to the Workshop or events:

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You can have a look at the slides before the course.
They do, however, not replace a Workshop.

website workshop course copenhagen pdf





website workshop course copenhagen part 2 pdf

I'm not affiliated in any way to UnoEuro and reason to use their service was due to past experience with them. This Website is also hosted by UnoEuro.
The UnoEuro link displayed on this page is a special link from my Dashboard giving me one month extra hosting for free.