Nordic Letters Keyboard

ADD NORDIC LETTERS (å, æ, ø, Å, Æ, Ø) TO YOUR KEYBOARD (Windows only):
1. Download and extract the file you can find in the top of this page
2. Open the "NordicLetters_setup.exe" file and follow the guides during the installation.
3. Restart your laptop.
4. Done! Enjoy your new keyboard. Now you easily can insert nordic letters with the following key kombination.

Insert/use the Nordic Letters by these key combinations:

- å : Alt Gr + A
- æ : Alt Gr + R
- ø : Alt Gr + O

Nordic Letters Keyboard

-  Å : Alt Gr + SHIFT + A
- Æ : Alt Gr + SHIFT + R
-  Ø : Alt Gr + SHIFT + O

Nordic Letters Keyboard

Note: The position of ALT GR and other keys may have different positions depending on your keyboard layout.


NordicLetters uses the tool AutoHotkey (made by Chris), which adds the functionality to create keyboard shortcuts for software’s, letters, symbols etc..
By placing the correct keyboard shortcuts into the start-up folder, we made sure that we can use those letters always after we booted our PC.


This installer is made by Lars ALBERT and is free to use and licensed under the GNU GPLv2.

All rights for the AutoHotkey software goes to Chris Mallet:
Free and Open Source software, licensed under the GNU GPLv2.
Created by Chris Mallet and others.